Thursday, December 29, 2011

4 Key Steps for Advancing Event Entertainment

The venue is chosen, the date is booked and your special event date is drawing near. All the details to make your date a hit have been taken care of. The entertainment has been arranged, but have you properly advanced the show?

Failing to be properly prepared for entertainment can sometimes lead to unwanted results...

Here are the key steps to advancing corporate entertainment:

1 - Ask for a written rider - Each act will have requirements to ensure that they have what is needed to properly showcase their performance. Remember you want a great and memorable show. Even the best of acts can fall flat on their face if they are not given the proper tools.

2 – Study the Rider - It is critical that you really listen and understand what are the entertainer’s needs? The rider that you are given will address the follow:

  • Air, Hotel and Ground Transportation
  • Parking Requirements
  • Labor needed for load in and load out
  • Dock times for the in and out
  • Staging (how big, wing space needed?)
  • Approximate set up times and rehearsal needs
  • Green room and dressing room
  • Hospitality for cast and crew
  • Technical labor to run the rehearsals and show
  • Power requirements
  • Rigging requirements
  • Lighting, video and sound requirements

3 – Pass Rider on early - One of the most important things to do is to distribute the rider before the act is booked, onto you production staff. They will be able to estimate what the costs are to “produce” the talent. Many times the cost of production can equal or exceed the cost of the talents. So make sure you have a full understanding of these elements.

4 – Consider an Entertainment Specialist - If you are having a local ensemble or speaker, the rider needs will be easy and you should have no issues. But if you are stepping out to the national platform, then using a company who has experience in the corporate arena may be prudent. As you are working with the provider of the show, it is not uncommon to ask for help in estimating the costs of providing the production elements or for help with booking of airfares and the coordinating of labor. 

is a leading corporate magician and entertainment producer with Shows In A Box Corporate Entertainment Planning. David has over 25 years of event entertainment planning experience and focuses on making YOU look great!

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