Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thru the Years...Shows in a Box Corporate Entertainment

Music from the sock hop 50's to the hip hop present day will reintroduce you to the stars with a galaxy of songs from legendary artists.  Rock away to the tunes of Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, The Beatles and the pop masters of today.  This high-energy musical spectacular features talented performers, specialty lighting, period costuming and great music.  This is not just music, this is rock and roll!

When you choose “Shows in a Box”, you have the world of entertainment at your fingertips.  Our pool of artists, designers, expert craftsmen, and skilled technicians conceive, create and execute productions of any magnitude.  Our capabilities are unmatched, enabling us to create superior entertainment at extremely competitive prices.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Corporate Event Entertainment for Businesses

From time to time, businesses find the need to conduct events that work toward their organization goals.   Because the planning of these events  may bring together employees from different locations and can be a considerable expense, it is important that the function satisfies the goals and message the planners are trying to reach.  Many find it is best to conduct the event in hotel meeting room where all their employees can not only be housed, but able to take care of all their housing and hospitality needs.  Keeping everyone under the same roof can make the sessions not only convenient for all involved, but also the most productive.

Planning these events means making sure the venue is either totally self contained with a variety of food and beverage locations or in an area where a variety of restaurants are within a short distance.  Meeting rooms that are large enough with the audio visual needs is very important.  And of course the sleeping accommodations must be clean and comfortable.

Corporate events were originally introduced to create better relationship between employees, clients and companies, but now it is used to strengthen the "team"  Another important thing to consider when planning these types of events, it is important to balance the "educational" content with giving the attendees a chance to relax and network with other team members though events that provide some type of entertainment.  These may include cocktail social hours with strolling entertainment or after dinner entertainment.  A strolling professional magician is always a hit.  After dinner entertainment such as a comedian, comedy magician, DJ or dance band can always be just the ticket.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How To Integrate Corporate Entertainment Into Your Event


Corporate entertainment pertains to privately held events that a business or a corporation has for their employees or clients. Sometimes this is done at events such as large conventions or trade shows. This also can be done for more intimate events such as an office party, holiday party for the staff, or a dinner gathering.

Many companies will involve corporate entertainment once in a while because it has been shown to have a good effect on productivity. When employees are given a chance to relax and enjoy themselves at a work related event, it makes them feel more positive about their job . These events are also a good way for people in the business to establish better relationships with each other and also to discuss work related matters in a more relaxed non business setting.

Some types of events are specifically held to develop new business plans . The meeting will have a more relaxed atmosphere than a normal meeting. This way, casual conversation can be used to expand the corporate network and newer ideas can be explored when people feel more comfortable expressing their opinions.

Events are sometimes held with the intention to establish more teamwork within the business. Being able to communicate openly allows employees to feel more comfortable with one another. This way, there is a potential for overall better productivity.

The time period for an event really does not have any constriction. For short events sometimes they are held during the break of a regular work day. For something that is a bigger event or for one that is longer, it might be held on a weekend or during the evening after work hours.

That was a little information on corporate entertainment. It is a positive gesture companies hold for their employees. It provides employees with a more relaxed day as opposed to their usual and busy work day, and this increases productivity in the long run.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Corporate Entertainment Types of Shows at Shows in a Box

Shows in a Box Corporate Entertainment and Special Event Entertainment Production

Emmy Award winning producer David Thomas presents  the best in live entertainment for corporate events, special events, conventions, or any of your professional live entertainment needs.  Our pre-produced shows provide all elements needed for your event entertainment. Elements included, but not limited to performers, sets, technical production, scripts, score's and costumes.  Our shows can be custom tailored to any event or venue and budget.  Shows in a Box offers shows in the styles, of Musicals, Variety, Seasonal, Outdoor, and Children's shows.

Friday, July 16, 2010

[title of show] Opens at Los Angeles' Celebration Theatre July 16

By Thomas Peter
16 Jul 2010

[title of show], Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen's affectionately campy and satirical meta-musical about the creation of a musical, officially makes its Los Angeles premiere July 16 following previews that began July 14 courtesy of the Celebration Theatre in Hollywood.

Performances will continue through Sept. 5.  Michael A. Sheppard direct a cast that comprises Jeffrey Landman, Micah McCain, Jennifer Blake and Carey Peters. Ameenah Kaplan choreographs with musical direction by Greg Nabours.  The design team includes scenic designer Kurt Boetcher, lighting designer Matt Denman, sound designer Veronica Lancaster and prop designer Michael O'Hara. 
Click Here to

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Planning a Corporate Event

Are you in the process of planning a corporate event? If so you have clicked on the right link. The following tips and advice should help present a clearer picture on what needs to be considered and organised.

To start with you should know exactly why the event is to be held. It may be a launch party for a particular product or business, or perhaps it is a way to show thanks and gratitude to employees. Either way this will have a big bearing on the nature of the organising. Once you are clear on why the event is being held you will then need to understand the type of event it will be.

Will it be formal or informal, is there going to be a dress code, how will potential attendees be informed about the do, are invitations necessary, and what number of people are expected to turn up. Only when you are clear on all of these dynamics should you move forward.

You will want to be certain that the theme and decorations suit the nature of the party or event. For example a celebration attended only by staff would be rather different than a booking at which a product is to be launched. If children are allowed to come along with their parents then the planning will require a different type of thinking.

The actual venue will have a major role in the success of the event. It should be large enough to accommodate all the guests as well be accessible for any individuals that may have mobility problems. Think about how easy it would be for the guests to reach the venue. You would not want to choose an out of the way location as this can be a big put off. It can be worthwhile phoning around a few different venues to compare prices. Also you need to find out whether or not the date you have in mind would be available for booking.

What facilities does the venue have? Maybe you would require equipment such as a PA system, stage, lights, projector and internet connectivity. Do not overlook the seating arrangements as this may incur an extra cost. If there is to be a focal point such as a stage then you will want to be certain that all the guests get a clear view.

Will food be served? This is a good idea if the event will be lengthy in nature. What type of catering would best suit your requirements? You could offer a formal sit down meal that has many courses or a simple finger buffet that allows guests to socialize and mingle more. If you are going to serve alcoholic drinks then you will need to ensure that everyone can get safely home at the end of the event.

How about the entertainment? This can be a great way to impress those people that turn up, just be certain that you cater to all tastes and not just one group of people.  We at Shows in a Box, can help you seamlessly integrate your awards presentation, corporate meeting, or special event with amazing Broadway Style Entertainment, Cirque Style Entertainment, or Spectacular Magic Shows! 

When you choose “Shows in a Box”, you have the world of entertainment at your fingertips.  Our pool of artists, designers, expert craftsmen, and skilled technicians conceive, create and execute productions of any magnitude.  Our capabilities are unmatched, enabling us to create superior entertainment at extremely competitive prices.