Friday, June 25, 2010

Michael Grasso Magician America's Got Talent 2010

Michael Grasso, a 36-year-old magician who drew lots of “Vegas, Vegas” chants from the crowd after pulling off a dazzling switch-in-a-box trick with his female assistant.

“I thought that was absolutely brilliant,” said Morgan, while Osbourne liked the magician’s execution and “cool factor.”

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tips on Hiring an Entertainer For Your Next Event

The time has come and you are in charge of planning an eventful party for your companies yearly meeting. You know that you will need to hire an entertainer for the party, and now you need to know where to start .

One of the tasks that you will have to tackle first will be to determine the tone of the event so you know what type of entertainer you are looking to hire. One of the largest factors that go with hiring a performer is finding one that will be the right fit for your organizations event. You definitely do not want to fall into the category of hiring someone that is either too over the top or hiring someone that is not engaging enough. We have all heard of the horror stories of attending boring, unimpressive events with other companies, and you are determined not to have this happen with your special event. 

So there are a few things that you will have to find out before you can make the best informed decision on what type of entertainer or entertainment to hire.  The first thing that you will need to do is to search for the entertainer that specializes in the area of performances that you would like to have during the event. If you are hiring a comedian for your corporate entertainment, chances are you will want the entertainer to keep lewd remarks and profanity out of the act. This may offend some guests, this is the quickest path to an unsuccessful corporate event.

If you are hiring a singer or a live band, then depending on the theme of the event you will have to determine what will fit your audience and theme. If you are having an event about the launch of a new product that is supposed to relax and soothe, then perhaps a hard rock band may not be what you are looking for. Therefore, pinpointing your exact theme of the event will help to narrow down what type of entertainment you are looking to perform at your event. Once you have done this, the next step will be to look at your overall budget. This will help to decide just how much money you can allocate to give this performer.

When setting your budget for entertainment, you will need to remember that not all entertainers costs are the same and if you are attempting to hire entertainment with the lowest fee, then you will get what you pay for. If it is your objective to be cost effective and have a good performer, then you may want to opt with going with a performer that is new to the scene and is looking to get their name out. If this is the route you take, it would be extremely important to get references for that performer. Request a video, demo, or maybe even attend a live performance so that you will have first hand knowledge about this entertainer .

Once you have the performer that your are ready to interview further, the next step will be to discuss with them your entertainment needs. If you are looking for someone to engage the crowd, or to deliver a particular message during their performance, then this is something that must be made known up front and that is clear to the performer what your expectations are. There is nothing like hiring someone that gets up in front of your audience and they have no idea of what the theme of your event is, and they are following their own agenda. This could be an unsettling mistake and can make you as the event organizer look bad in front of your co workers.

If you plan ahead and follow these steps you will be on your way to a fun and successful event!!