Friday, February 10, 2012

Maximize Trade Show Leads with Entertainment

For many businesses, gathering leads at trade shows are a very important component of their yearly marketing plan. In a major trade show every booth is vying for the attention of the attendees. How can businesses generate as many leads as possible?

How Can Entertainment Be Your Ticket to A More Successful Trade Show?

Create a Show to Generate Interest 

Recently a client had created a theme for their booth and was looking for a show to create interest and generate traffic. The theme was the “Old West”.

The mission was to:
    1. Reinforce the Theme
    2. Stop traffic allowing for the message to be introduced
    3. Continually build the brand of the business
    4. Generate viable leads for future marketing efforts
What Kind of Show? 
An old time saloon show concept was created for this client. The show consisted of five cast members. Three singer / Dancers and two character actors. It started with a musical number to generate interest and gather a crowd, then led into an comedy audience participation segment with “Rattlesnake Pete” and an audience volunteer. The show then ended with a huge musical finale number.

The show was designed to be “short and sweet”, and a tight 12 minutes. During the performance, the client’s brand was mentioned over a dozen times, but never seemed to be a “commercial.” to the audience. As the show ended and the applause erupted the cast gave a “pitch” to generate leads though the sign up drawing. 

This was the perfect time as the guests had enjoyed the performance, liked the performers and were ready to interact with them.

Other Concepts
There are many show concepts that can be created. At Shows In A Box We have utilized Chinese Acrobats, Magic Illusions, and Cirque acts successfully in the past. The formula is simple:
    • Create “high Impact entertainment” to generate a crowd.
    • Incorporate your message
    • Collect leads
    • And most Importantly……follow up on those leads.

David Thomas is an experienced Event Producer and Event Entertainment Planner as owner of Shows In A Box. David focuses on bringing the “WOW!” factor to your event maximizing return. For more information about how Shows In A Box Can help with your event you can contact David at